Driving the development of Chihuahua

Who are we

Who are we

Since 1973, DESEC (Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua) is a private organization that has been a pillar in the transformation and economic progress of Chihuahua, fostering collaboration between the private, social, governmental and academic sectors.

From our beginnings: Successes that forged the future of Chihuahua.

  • Creators of the 1973 industrial plan, a foundation for progress.

  • More than 60 maquiladoras attracted in the 1980s.

  • Key to the arrival of the Ford engine plant.

  • Drivers of the Chihuahua Siglo XXI program and sustainable development.

DESEC strengthens Chihuahua through sectoral synergies and strategic decisions.

Strategic Vice Presidencies
Diversified Clusters

Emblematic Initiatives

Our Mission

To focus the communal effort to make Chihuahua a competitive region with new comparative advantages and permanent participation in world integration, with the goal of improving our quality of life and achieving full employment through wealth generation.

Our Vision

To be an organization that serves as a facilitator and main engine for the Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua, seeking to satisfy the environment’s socioeconomic needs and the improvement of its inhabitants’ quality of life, under inclusivity and participatory principles.


  • Definition of the strategic vision of the city of Chihuahua
  • Innovation as an enabling mechanism for economic growth
  • Competitiveness development based on the cluster model
  • Generation of strategic information for decision making


  • An economic model based on clusters
  • Promotion of an innovative state agenda
  • A Competitive Intelligence Platform as a tool to increase competitiveness
  • Collaboration and consultation exercises to define the city’s vision.
Track records: Our greatest achievements

Decades of commitment to transforming and elevating Chihuahua‘s economic development

1973 Strategic Plan

We conceived the plan that originated the industrial parks and attracted the maquiladora industry, establishing the basis for the state’s industrial growth.

Attracting Maquiladoras in the 80s

We played a crucial role in attracting more than 60 maquiladoras, boosting the economy and generating employment in the region.

Arrival of Ford

We played a key role in attracting the Ford engine plant, marking a milestone in the industrial development of Chihuahua.

Improved quality of life

We founded ‘Towards a better quality of life in Chihuahua A.C.’, promoting economic development and business participation in vital areas such as ecology, culture and security.

Chihuahua Siglo XXI

We generate cutting-edge development strategies, identifying competitive advantages and adapting to new global circumstances.

Promoting Development Agencies

We facilitate the creation of DEMIC and DESEM, contributing significantly to the progress of companies in the state.

Chihuahua Now!

We created an industrial promotion agency, highlighting Chihuahua as an extraordinary industrial destination.

Chihuahua Futura

We are the engine of change with Chihuahua Futura, an innovative model that improves competitiveness in every region of the state.