Avant-garde winemaking in Mexico

Chihuahua Wine Cluster

Chihuahua Wine Cluster

Unstoppable Growth

38.6% increase in production value.

Wine Leadership

26% of the state’s production facilities are in Chihuahua.

Employment in Expansion

3% annual growth in employment.

Terroir of Innovation and Quality

The internationally recognized Chihuahua Wine Cluster drives wine development with a unique combination of tradition and advanced technology.

Its infrastructure and privileged environment position it as a leader in the production of high quality wines in Mexico.

54 distinctive labels.
181 billion in 2019.
More than 500 formal jobs.

Cultivating Winemaking Experts

Chihuahua stands out for its specialized education in winemaking, preparing highly qualified professionals to promote the industry to levels of international excellence.

5 Higher level institutions

7 undergraduate and 4 graduate level careers

2019-2020 Graduated 1,500 professionals

89.5% at the undergraduate level and 10.5% at the postgraduate level

Source: PICsp, with data from SEECH 2020.

The Chihuahua Wine Cluster has not only grown in production and value, but has also established itself as a pillar of economic and cultural development.


Its contribution to the wine market reflects the quality and potential that this region offers to the world.

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The Chihuahua Wine Cluster is a melting pot of culture, tradition and modernity.

We unite passion for wine with innovation and collaboration between producers, government and academia.

If you want to be part of this exciting industry, contact us and explore the unique opportunities in Chihuahua.