Pillars of urban development

Chihuahua’s Construction Cluster

Chihuahua’s Construction Cluster

Sustained Growth

19% average annual growth.

Municipal Leadership

Chihuahua with 71% of the state PBT.

Strong Workforce

21,838 construction jobs.

Solid Economic Foundation

The Chihuahua Construction Cluster stands out for its decisive contribution to the city’s growth.

Its focus on innovation and quality in the planning, design and development of essential infrastructure places it at the forefront of urban and economic development.

10 outstanding industrial parks.
2% annual growth in employment.
1,546 companies in Chihuahua.

Forging Constructive Talents

Chihuahua promotes excellence in construction through its robust educational offerings, training highly qualified professionals to meet the challenges of the sector.

8 Higher level institutions

5 undergraduate and 4 graduate level careers

400 graduates in 2018-2019

80% of the students are in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Source: PICsp, with data from SEECH 2020.

The construction industry in Chihuahua not only leads the state in terms of employment and production, but also drives economic diversification and sustainable development, proving to be a key driver of urban and commercial growth in the region.

Source: PICsp, with data from INEGI 2019.

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At the Chihuahua Construction Cluster, we are shaping the city’s skyline.

Through collaboration between business, government and academia, we drive innovation and excellence in construction.

If you are looking to build a solid and sustainable future, join us in Chihuahua.


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