Uniting regions, strengthening economies



Chihuahua is a diverse and vast state, divided into 13 economic regions, each with unique characteristics that contribute to the state’s economic tapestry.

This page presents a summary of regional economic studies, reflecting the wealth and potential of each area to guide development and strategic investment.


CODECH, the Council for the Economic Development of Chihuahua, is the strategic compass that guides the state’s economic growth.

With a consultative approach that brings together agents from the public, private, academic and social spheres, CODECH works to balance and strengthen the regional economy.

Its mission is to catalyze competitiveness, fostering collaboration and the development of initiatives from the local to the national level.

With a clear vision, CODECH focuses on raising Chihuahua’s competitiveness through collaboration and information strategies, promoting the implementation of projects and actions that seek equitable and sustainable development in each of the regions that make up the vibrant state.


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