Buried wealth of Chihuahua

Chihuahua Mining Cluster

Chihuahua Mining Cluster

DESEC Cluster Minero
Stable Growth

Annual growth of 44% in mining.

DESEC Cluster Minero
Employer Expansion

16,000 registered mining jobs.

DESEC Cluster Minero
Notable Exports

3rd place nationally in exports.

Chihuahua Mining Foundation

Chihuahua is a pillar of the national mining industry, driving the market with its solid infrastructure and ability to attract investment.

Mining accounts for 19% of the state’s PBT, underscoring the municipality’s vitality and potential for expansion in this sector.

442 mining companies in Chihuahua.
1% annual increase in mining employment.
10 Industrial Parks.

Source: PICsp, with data from INEGI 2020 Economic Census.

Cultivating Mining Experts

Chihuahua educates and trains future mining leaders with a focus on innovation and sustainability, thanks to its varied educational offerings.

3 Institutions with 7 high school programs

770 graduates of related technical careers

5 higher education institutions with 22 careers.

578 bachelor’s degree graduates

Source: PICsp, with data from SEECH 2020.

DESEC Cluster Minero

Chihuahua’s mining sector, in addition to being a key employer, has established itself as a strategic player in foreign trade, representing 1% of the state’s total exports and maintaining an annual growth rate of 13% in exports.

Source: PICsp, with data from INEGI 2019.

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The Chihuahua Mining Cluster is fertile ground for innovation and sustainable growth.

We join forces between companies, government and academia to promote responsible mining.

If your vision is to prosper in the mining sector, Chihuahua offers you a horizon of possibilities.

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