Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua, NPO

Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua, NPO

Propelling Chihuahua Towards the Future

DESEC is the engine of Chihuahua’s economic transformation. Through strategic initiatives and sector collaboration, we promote sustainable development and global competitiveness of the region.

Strategic Networking

We connect your business with a network of business leaders and potential partners, opening doors to new commercial opportunities and collaborations.

Sector Meetings

Access high-level meetings that foster synergy between companies, where you can establish valuable connections and stay current with the latest industry trends.

Expert Advice

Offering guidance and expert assistance to maneuver through Chihuahua’s corporate landscape, aiding in the realization of your business goals.

“At DESEC, we welcome an era of growth and opportunities. With a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and inclusive collaboration, we strive to make Chihuahua an economic leader, where every job matters and every entrepreneur inspires.”

Jorge Cruz

President of DESEC

Diversity and Specialization

Integrated leadership for development

DESEC is organized into expert vice presidencies, each dedicated to strengthening key aspects of economic development.

From technological innovation to tourism promotion, we work united for a prosperous Chihuahua.

Logo IT Cluster

Synergy in Diversification.

Clusters: Cornerstones of Chihuahuan Economic Power.

We consolidate our industrial resources into distinct clusters, encouraging teamwork and concentrated progress in essential sectors, marking Chihuahua as a frontrunner in industrial and tech growth.

Fifty Years of Distinction

Fifty Years of Distinction

Discover our legacy and contribution to the progress of Chihuahua.