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Podcast and Interviews

Podcast and Interviews

Podcast y Entrevistas DESEC

Dive into the world of ideas and strategies that are shaping the future of Chihuahua through our podcasts and interviews.

At DESEC, we bring you inspiring conversations with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of regional change and development.

Discover unique perspectives, success stories and valuable lessons for your own path to professional and business success.

Carlos Casis and Gunther Barajas from Siemens

Sergio Mendoza, president of Chihuahua Futura

Economics with Pedro Maynez and Jorge Ubay

Aerospace Industry with FEMIA

Alejandro Cárdenas and Jorge Álvarez – Cybersecurity

Jorge Cruz Camberos, the current president of Chihuahua Economic Development (DESEC).

Chihuahua Futura, Alejandro Cárdenas and Víctor López.