Leading the change in Chihuahua



DESEC’s structure is based on its six vice-presidencies, each with a vital role in promoting the economic and social development of Chihuahua.

From attracting investment and fostering innovation, to promoting the city and driving public policies.

Our vice presidencies are at the forefront, working tirelessly for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Shaping an innovative future

Chihuahua Futura

Chihuahua Futura is a citizen project that seeks to transform the local economy, integrating resilience, knowledge, innovation and sustainability.

We focus on driving the sustainable growth of the city and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, today and in the future.

  • Promotioning knowledge-based economy and innovation
  • Boosting sustainable growth and quality of life
  • Being positioned as a Latin American benchmark in development and technology




Catalyzing business innovation

Startup Chihuahua

Startup Chihuahua is the epicenter of development for innovators in the region, promoting entrepreneurship and technology strategies.

We ensure the necessary conditions to promote and strengthen innovative business models based on science and technology.

  • Promotion of entrepreneurship and technology strategies.
  • Creation of favorable conditions for innovative businesses
  • Support for the development of business models based on science and technology.




Raising Chihuahua’s competitiveness

Chihuahua City Invest

Chihuahua City Invest is the perfect synergy between the private sector and the municipal government, dedicated to boosting competitiveness and attracting both national and international investment.

We perform a constant diagnosis of the city, providing key data on sectors, quality of life, education, employment and opportunities for investors.

  • Diagnosis and analysis of key city data
  • Promotion in forums, exhibitions and joint tours
  • Visits and support to companies for retention and expansion




Promoting policies for competitiveness


The Competitive Intelligence Platform (PICsp) integrates the efforts of the private sector to analyze and design public policies, thus improving the competitiveness of the Central region.

We manage more than 450 indicators, providing valuable economic and social analyses that guide strategic decisions and promote effective public policies.

  • Monitoring information from official sources
  • Managing more than 450 economic and social indicators
  • Promoting public policies for competitiveness




Promoting regional development

CODER Chihuahua Centro

CODER Chihuahua Centro is a catalyst for high-value projects and initiatives for the region, seeking to improve the quality of life and the performance of strategic industries.

We work to strengthen cohesion between civil society, the productive sector and governmental entities.

  • Identification and promotion of regional development projects
  • Promotion of the regional competitiveness agenda
  • Fostering social cohesion and intersectoral collaboration




Forging identity and enhancing tourism

Chihuahua Espectacular

Chihuahua Espectacular is dedicated to building a strong identity for the city of Chihuahua, transforming it into a unique and attractive tourist destination.

Through unforgettable events and a strong digital presence, we seek to generate a sense of belonging and discovery in locals and visitors alike, while strengthening the city’s tourism and service offerings.

  • Dissemination and strengthening of the “Chihuahua City” brand.
  • Creation and promotion of events that define the city’s identity.
  • Digital strengthening to highlight the tourism and cultural offer.
  • Constant dissemination of the local agenda, celebrating Chihuahua’s identity.