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How we can help you

How we can help you

At DESEC, our mission transcends simply connecting businesses; we focus on forging a comprehensive business ecosystem where our specialized vice presidencies and dynamic clusters work in synergy to catalyze economic growth.

We offer multifaceted support that leverages the collective strength of our interconnected sectors to propel businesses towards success in Chihuahua.

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Strategic Networking

We facilitate valuable connections between your company and a wide network of business leaders, business organizations and government representatives.

we focus on forging strategic alliances that enhance your growth and strengthen your position in the market, opening doors to fruitful collaborations and meaningful partnerships.

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State-of-the-Art Events

We give you an exclusive pass to top-level events, where you can exchange ideas and perspectives with key figures in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At each meeting, we foster a learning and networking environment that enriches your experience and knowledge of the industry.

Como podemos ayudarte DESEC
Opportunity Navigation

We act as your first point of contact to explore investment opportunities, helping you locate, relocate or expand your business in Chihuahua.

Our team will guide you to the most appropriate associations and professionals, facilitating navigation through the key processes in order to establish and grow your business in the region.

Como podemos ayudarte DESEC
Sector Collaboration

We promote the integration of your company into the Chihuahua ecosystem, connecting you with clusters and industry associations.

Through collaboration, we drive innovation and sustainable development of your business and the business community.

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